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I want to setup a hot folder in Command Workstation that will impose 21-up (1-up each of 21) business cards. Can the hot folder be configured to wait until it receives 21 pages before it continues processing? A bonus would be if it could continue processing after so much time has passed even if it hasn't received 21 pages.



As you probably realize, Fiery hot folders can be configured to select a SeeQuence Impose template. Unfortunately for your application, both the hot folder and impose will only work with one file at a time. There is no mechanism within either to set up a routine which would combine different files into a single entity which would then be imposed. Although SeeQuence Compose can combine multiple files into a single job which could be imposed, this is a manual process for each job and I'm not aware of any way to automate this functionality before using an Impose template.

EFI has a product called "Fiery JobFlow". I don't think you can do what you want with this product, but there is a downloadable free trial for from the link that you can experiment with. Outside of this you are probably looking at a solution external to the Fiery which can count and combine files into a multipage PDF which can be dropped into your hot folders.


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I just love the fact that neither EFI nor any of the colour copier companies reply to any of these questions - just like their customer service in real life.


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I just spent about 30 minutes on EFI's website trying to find release notes for their latest Command Workstation version. While there is a BRIEF overview of what's new, there wasn't any release notes/bug fixes list anywhere to be found (at least that I could find).

If someone knows if release notes exist, please by all means point me to them :)
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Minch, if you cannot get a hold of someone at EFI for Fiery support please let me know. I'll do what I can to make sure they contact you. Send me a PM with your contact info or an email to .

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There is a Fiery user forum where you can post questions like this, EFI Fiery Forums

As far as I know there is no current functionality such as what you're looking for. Upon discussing this with a tech support person from EFI recently he indicated that something like that may be in the works. That said, the printer manufacturer in question would have to test it every which way from Sunday on their equipment along with all the other new features being built into that new Fiery build release. I imagine that process could take the better part of a year (at least at Ricoh it does) but the idea is to flush out any problems before cutting into production.

Anyhow you might also look into Acrobat batch functionality and/or 3rd party scripting applications for customizing Adobe hot folders.


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Snippity, “Minch, if you cannot get a hold of someone at EFI for Fiery support please let me know. I'll do what I can to make sure they contact you. Send me a PM with your contact info or an email to” snip.
Hello Matt,
thank you for your kind offer - most appreciated. However problem now solved. Thanks Minch.


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Fiery JobFlow can do it using its "Collect" module, but this module does not come with the free version of JobFlow; only the paid, commercial version.

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