(Another) RIP question, which for OSX?



Neophyte setting up my own shop. Canon 4100 on the way. I hope to do fine art/photography printing, and also GRACoL and other proofing.

I also hope to explore and learn more about color management, and will likely use an i1Photo Pro 3.

The only RIP i've worked with is Printfactory. I don't have any complaints about it but want to compare/explore the other OSX based options. And if the best answer truly is to just get a PC to run the RIP, I'll consider that, but for now I'm hoping to find something that runs on OSX.

Imagine money was no object. My list includes:

Caldera VisualRIP+ Pro
Imageprint Black
Colorburst Overdrive
Serendipity Blackmagic
Shiraz Rosetta Midi

Ruling out less full-featured options/not full RIPs like ImageNest, Printao, PrintFab.

Main question...am I forgetting any major players? Is anything on my list something that shouldn't be considered? Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Ergosoft runs only in a PC environment, and is a very compelling RIP
due to its layout facilities, ability to efficiently manage small or
large numbers of printers, and long excellent experience in color management
for standard CMYK and extended gamut inksets. Pricing to add printers and/or
cutters is reasonable. Color measurement devices from Barbieri, Xrite, and others
are well-supported.


One of the things that that confuses me about Caldera, I can't even tell from their website if CalderaRIP Version 14 and VisualRIP+ are two different products or the same. That doesn't bode well.


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VisualRIP+ is a subcategory of whatever version, 14 or otherwise, you might be considering.

The subcategories (VisualRIP+, GrandRIP, etc) speak to ranges of printers and functionalities
that are included.


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Stick with Printfactory. When changing, you will gain some and loose some features. The important factor whether you can do effective and quick work on a system - and you already know Printfactory, which isn't better or worse than the competitors.


OK...now I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between Printfactory and Proofmaster. I was under the impression that Printfactory Production had more features, but Proofmaster is several hundred dollars a year more expensive. I'm less concerned about the price than I am about what the feature difference is. I'm talking to a dealer now but open to any insight anybody else may have.

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