Any vendors who create finished Fastbind Booxter hard cases?


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Does anybody out there provide the elusive service of creating finished wrapped hard cases for use with Fastbind Booxter? I'm trying to lighten my load a bit with a new book I'm publishing.

Specifically what I'm looking for is the printing of the cover artwork I would provide, laminating it, and wrapping a blank case with it. These are 12x12x.75 inch blanks.

For this particular book, the cover art including both front and back, and overlap is around 27.5 inches and so may not be able to be printed from your digital press. I've had to print it on my inkjet. The output is good but oh how I wish I could print it on my Versant - would be so much easier.

In terms of quantities, I'm certainly up for ordering no less than 100-200 and hopefully larger ongoing batches as I begin to sell this product.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks. I've reached out to them and hopefully will speak with a sales rep tomorrow. It's unclear whether they even know what Fastbind is, but I believe they provide book printing and binding services, so it's worth a conversation at least.

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