Anyone using Fuji Superia ZD plates?


We've done a couple test runs on live jobs with acceptable results. Got up to 300K impressions on our older web press with lowest-grade paper. Oddly the one printing UV lasted the longest. One caveat: the jobs were all spot-color, no process. Also they may be prone to cracking at the plate bend on a web (though I could just as easily blame the pressmen!).


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Thanks. I contacted Fuji. I'll do a test run soon. We're a folding carton sheetfed plant and we run UV. I'm just not crazy about not clearly seeing the image on the plate prior to going to press. Did you have any issues with that?


Has anyone here moved forward with putting the ZD plates into production?
Interested in pursuing for our folding carton sheetfed facility so I'm curious how it's going for you.

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What about Profitability?
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