Apogee vs Prinect


Looking at upgrading our prepress systems and want to get any and all opinions from users who have used both systems to better understand the pros and cons of each.


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Haven't worked in Apogee in nearly 9 years, but used it for sheetfed offset signatures. Current firm I work for uses Prinect and SignaStation for imposition / output for very large format folding carton work. It was tied in with Preps to auto populate impositions. The imposition part wasn't an issue.

When I rendered final plating TIFFs in Apogee, it had issues with trapping or crashing when handling more complex forms. It was going to a TIFF catcher that fed a Heidelberg Suprasetter.

SignaStation - have worked in it for about 1-1/2 years. For our purposes, being an all Heidelberg press room, it's pretty streamlined. Auto ink eaters/takeoffs added. Rendering complex files haven't been a huge issue. Periodic lockups with SignaStation where we have to restart the application, but otherwise I think it's pretty robust. Also feeds a VLF Suprasetter 145

I've come from a RAMPage background at start of my digital prepress career. Would rate Prinect first, RAMPage 2nd, Apogee 3rd.

Hope this helps.


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I am a long time Apogee user and have only used the Pressroom Manager portion of Prinect. I can provide you my thoughts on Apogee if you wish?



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I have used the systems mentioned., and others. Prenect is by far the best, hands down, Also the support is outstanding. You would do well having me manag or at least setup your system


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Have a running 8.12 Prinergy system I am having a fire sale on (long story). Can install & support if interested, pm me

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