Apogee vs Prinergy...looking for info

I'm looking for a new employer and have a possible winner on the hook. He's suggested a trial period which we have not discussed in detail yet.

All of my previous experience has been with *Prinergy* so I'm looking for some info on *Apogee* to get some idea of what to expect... pros/cons, comparisons, possible issues to watch for. I know this is kind of tough, I don't have any idea yet about what components of Apogee he has licensed. It's a fairly small shop with a DI doing a lot of small run books if that's any help. Screenshots and useful links welcome, maybe even training materials. I'd like a head start...


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Re: Apogee vs Prinergy...looking for info

PM me, I have some PDFs about ApogeeX (older versions but most is still accurate)

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