Asahi & Esko to Develop Automated Flexo Platemaking Solution


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Asahi Photoproducts—a flexographic photopolymer plate developer—and Esko have announced their collaboration on developing an innovative, automated flexo platemaking solution. The collaboration will bring together key hardware and software technologies from both organizations to deliver a highly efficient, sustainable solution for the packaging sector.

According to both companies involved—
“Flexographic companies are operating in a complex, fast turnaround industry, that often impacts operational efficiency & profitability, and there is the need to simplify processes."

“Our aim, by collaborating, is to deliver a cleaner, more environmentally balanced operation, that simplifies the print form-making process, improves safety & consistently creates higher print quality.”

“This breakthrough will be different from other solutions. It is a holistic approach to connecting technologies—up & downstream of the prepress process—using an intelligent automation hub as the solution backbone.”

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