Automating multichannel graphic communications


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KAN Design & Brand Management—an established design / branding agency with offices in Antwerp & NYC—is transforming the graphic design, graphic communications scene. KAN has formed a group of Template Creators using the CORE power of CHILI publisher: create-once-repurpose-everywhere, to power KAN’s Kadanza platform.

The Kadanza platform allows KAN’s clients to harness the versatility of CHILI publisher’s omnichannel templatizing tools in a convenient, easy-to-use automation framework that keeps message assets fresh, exciting and relevant. CHILI publisher’s design automation features allow customers to directly customize, personalize & streamline their creative workflows, and to quickly deliver communication assets across multiple delivery channels.

KAN have found by building templates that meet client needs, clients can now take the creative pitch to market themselves, experiencing improved efficiency in marketing campaigns involving personalization, customization, regionalization and localization.

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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