Avalon VLF Trail edge sensor problem (sort of)


Perhaps someone has ran in to such an issue before. We had more problems popping out of our VLF 60XXT. Starting with the LR conveyor failing to work in automatic. Now just get the beeper and light indicator with a message to manually remove the plate. Yet works from Unidiag, every command including the position sensor. Only thing that was wrong is the vacuum reading of the LR conveyor, it always reads: 1 and it's not the sensor.

Now our plate loading failed, with the trail edge voltage registering an absurdly high resolution/voltage. (see attached photo). The sensor it's self is fine, even disconnecting it doesn't change the value.
I'm also not seeing the plate registering (GND) signal when the plate drops on to the clamps.

Would you say this is a damaged SDX board?


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