Avanti Web to Print Integration Case Study


This web to print integration case study describes how the State of Oregon, Publishing & Distribution decided to simultaneously replace its aging online job submission software with RSA WebCRD and its Print MIS system with Avanti Slingshot.

The Web to Print Integration Challenge
Publishing & Distribution had been using an older-generation Print MIS system primarily designed for offset operations. In 2004 it sold its offset presses to the Oregon State Corrections print shop in order to go completely digital. As there were no integrated web to print MIS solutions that met their needs, Publishing and Distribution built its own integrated web to print solution. For many years, the systems worked well, but eventually became too outdated to run a competitive operation. Key issues included:

  • Inconsistencies in the inventory and purchasing departments caused by break points that interrupted the workflow
  • Customers frustrated with fluctuating prices on repeat jobs because billing reflected actual costs, not estimates
  • Re-keying of information by CSRs to build complete jobs adding labor time and potential errors
  • Difficulty in handling chargebacks as they involved manually consolidating data from a variety of disparate systems
  • Escalating expenses as a result of maintaining a decades-old database, operating system, and server

The Web to Print Integration Solution
Tim Hendrix, State Printer and Program Manager, decided to replace the web submission and Print MIS systems simultaneously with Rochester Software Associates WebCRD and Avanti Slingshot. Both systems are modern tools that meet the digital needs of the shop, and critically, Slingshot has integrated into many existing systems to better streamline and automate the operations.

Some of the benefits that State Printer has realized include:

  • the State’s internal customers submit jobs directly into WebCRD
  • rekeying time and potential errors have been eliminated because Slingshot automatically receives jobs from WebCRD
  • all ticketing details and notes related to production are now included in the Job ticket
  • job status is tracked in real-time because Staff use barcode scanners to check into and out of jobs
  • appropriate staff are alerted to incoming work or job issues by through the use of email triggers
  • triggers also alert customers that jobs have been received, produced and shipped
  • customer satisfaction has increased because Jobs are now consistently priced based on estimates rather than actual cost

Recommendations for integrating a web to print solution
Tim Hendrix, State Printer and Program Manager and Joe Verardo, Customer Service Manager have the following recommendations for planning to undertake a web to print integration project:

  • Set up a parallel test system to avoid impact on your daily operation
  • Use some sort of problem management software like Spiceworks
  • Eliminate human touches in your workflow
  • Equip everyone on the shop floor with barcode scanner to save time and reduce frustration
  • Don’t rush - take the time to get your production templates right
  • Select a best print software vendor like Avanti who is responsive, knowledgeable, and with whom you are comfortable

Avanti Print MIS Links

Avanti Slingshot Case Study: State of Oregon In-plant https://hubs.ly/H0jVrY70

Avanti on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgX-cqA1vkcUJWSsiknvEVw

Avanti Slignshot Print MIS homepage: https://avantisystems.com/

For more information call 1-800-482-2908 or email askavanti@avantisystems.com

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