Average time to install MIS

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There are many MIS systems. Some are SaaS options and some are installed at a location. There are dozens of vendors. There are thousands of integrations.

What I am looking to find out is what is the effort on average to take someone using paper dockets and xls estimating and inventory and take 20 years of history into a robust MIS system.

Please share your timeline. From sale to useful... how long did it take you to install and use the MIS system?

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I am not an end user/purchaser, I work for the Australian/New Zealand vendor of the Accura MIS. That being said, I still think that my view from the implementation/training/support side of the fence is valid. I will be honest and not sugar coat my reply

We are faster at setting up and installing the Accura MIS than our clients are in getting their data ready! :]

A cost plus based MIS is all about the client’s data, their true times to perform tasks, their true costs etc. It depends on the client on how fast they get their information and data ready for the setup. I would guess that an average time is 2 weeks for the client to get all their info sorted, while they are still doing business.

It only takes 1 day or so to initially import and setup data (often shorter). This is generally clients, suppliers, accounts data, raw materials and outsourced labour. Machines and labour “internal” operations are initially setup in this timeframe (the client is trained on how to add new ones as needed).

After that, training can be anywhere from 3 days to 10 days, depending on the number of modules purchased and the number of users. If a client buys the entire system including the kitchen sink, then we usually train them in two blocks of 5 days, with a gap so that they can get used to the core functions before learning the extra modules. There are no hard rules though, it depends on the client and their requirements.

After the first 2-3 days, the base “core” system is ready and being used live, other modules may take say a half day per module for training, then they are ready to go live. How long after that before they truly “bed in” is site dependent.

It all depends on the info provided during implementation. GIGO – Garbage in, garbage out. If the client does not have any idea of the time it takes for various manufacturing steps for various quantities, then it takes a little longer to narrow down the various tables used to generate the quotes. Often this is not provided before going on site for training (even when asked for multiple times). Once on site, the client then “gets it” and they may take another week or two capturing the necessary info on times/quantities that was originally asked for.

So some are ready to go in a few days, some in a week or so. Of course, if the client is not going to put in the time and effort to make things work, then it could take longer. As a vendor, we can only make recommendations, we can’t force a client who “knows better”.

I hear stories from people purchasing other systems than Accura and that months, years later they are still not up and running… I don’t know if this is due to the complexity of the MIS or implementation, or the company that purchased the software – however it is probably a combination of both.

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Time it takes DEPENDS on MANY things

Time it takes DEPENDS on MANY things

I, like my buddy Stephen, work for a Print MIS developer / supplier.

As our solution is in the cloud, installation ( or provisioning ) it literally takes a few hours and it is ready to use.

But, when installed, of course, you need to add your customer list, papers, set up press devices and finishing task for production time and price estimating.

So, in the case of Web-to-Print, MIS and Print Workflow Automation | PressWise - better to say - how long did it take you to implement the MIS system?

We have had customers who have tested / played with out online demo system for months, then once we configured their system, were using it for storefront / estimating / production / shipping / invoicing in a few weeks.

We have others who still only use a few features after a year.

It LARGELY depends on a few factors;

1. Who did you pick, are they genuinely interested and invested.
( Sales / Operations / Production / Accounting folks ALL are involved in implementation ! )

2. Did you build a to do list / road map - with milestones.
( Simple example – tough to train on how to build a quote if you have not added paper specifications and pricing. )

3. Be sure to assign the to-do list items to the right folks.
( you already know one person can’t do it all, so delegate and assign )

4. Stick to the schedule of that to-do list, and perhaps have a weekly meeting to hold folks accountable.
( again, depends on "can you let people stop chopping trees with that old axe long enough to learn how to use the new chain saw" )

Simple answer - 4 weeks to 8 weeks - but it can be 4 days to a year - "we took so long because we could not devote / humans the time to set it all up"

Sorry, wish it were a simpler answer, but it DEPENDS on several factors.

Need more info -

Jennifer Matt --> Articles by Jennifer Matt at WhatTheyThink

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Jane Mugford - Articles by Jane Mugford at WhatTheyThink

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Hope that helps !
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MIS installation times?

MIS installation times?

Sorry, wish it were a simpler answer, but it DEPENDS on several factors.
Looking to hear from the actual print shops. Vendors will always say it is not their problem, but us at the shop we have emergencies, customers and plain busy. So in a perfect world, with data ready and printers being fully available, I can see that it could be quick.

But I am looking for the actual times from actual printers that have an actual day to day business to run of how long it took them. Any printers on print planet or just MIS vendors?

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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