Azura plates and 400 LPI Hybrid Screen Heidelberg


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Hello to all .One thing is confusing me .
If the Azura plate only old 2% to 98% and one maximum of 240 Lpi, what coud be wrong if i send one job with Hybrid Screen of 400 Lpi. Is the plate ok for this kind of screen ??
I have some costumers working like this without any problem,but this make me think .

CTP is Suprasetter 74, calibrated plates with dot gain control done .

What happends to the printing lengh , it will be the same 100.000 sheets ?? Or Less .

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Jorge Azevedo


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I need to correct your assumption. The Suprasetter can image a 400 line screen plate, the restricting factor is the plate itself. Using our Thermoplate PN on the Suprasetter, we indeed can image 400 line screen. We have certified this plate and others that are high resolution plates to 400 line screen. These are traditional plates that require a developer (although not all plates with developer have the resolution for 400 line).


Mark Tonkovich
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What about Profitability?
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