Azura plates printing problem .


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Hello to everyone .
I have one strange problem with this plates to print on Sthocastic screen .
The proble is the density of the ink is getting high, during the printing , i have do stop the machine Komori 4 colors , clean the plate 200 sheets more stop clean . . .
With conventional screen o don´t notice this problem, the RIp as dot Gain control for Sthoscastic .
The printing result is good but why the ink density change ?? I always try to start with low ink, when i get the ok sheed, i only can print 200 sheets ok , because the density is getting higher and higher .

The Rip is Metadimension 6, CTP Suprasetter 74 .

Any ideas will be welcome .

Best Regards
Jorge Azevedo

Lukas Engqvist

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It may be a longshot but we had a similar problem, which was caused by a clogged up sweep densitometer. When auto correcting it would just up and up the ink.
If you have another measuring equipment, just double check that you are getting the right reading.
Also check the "eye" of the meeter,


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Ink water problem . Solutions .

Ink water problem . Solutions .

What could be the reason for this relation between water and ink, what is the printer doing wrong ??

The printer from the press Komori, says this problem only started when they instaled the CTP, because with conventional plates he never had problem.

And even with AZURA plates and conventional screens he don´t have problems .
Only when they print Sthocastic , What he should do to avoid the problem start/Stop after 200 sheets .

Why he lower the ink on all zones and the density gets higher ,

Any new ideia will be welcome

Best Regards

Jorge Azevedo

Lukas Engqvist

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See this thread, it shows the similar reasoning.
A press operator will 90% of the time blame prepress, and new equipment is much easier to blame than dealing with that he may be doing something wrong.

A stable system means that it is slow (slow= stable, responsive=unstable) to respond. It takes time for the ink to build up, if you adjust the press too soon or too often you will not get correct operation.
Did you check your instruments? Did you measure with other instruments and get same readings?
You may adjust for too little ink while the levels are rising or too much ink while they are falling, causing you to miss your mark.

What line screens are you running? To compare AZURA plates to conventional plates that must be the ONLY thing that is different, otherwise you have nothing to compare.

Ozkan Hangisi

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It sounds weird problem. If you don't change water and ink adjustment there must be a stable ink film on ink form rollers. So where does extra ink come to sheet and increase density? It looks water doesn't work properly. I agree with green printer. Check dampening solution and roller adjustments.


Are you using the Komori KMS? (INK PROFILES)
Maybe the ink profiles is the problem when you are printing stokastisk dots. What about KHS? Is there KHS on your machine ?


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We had the same complaints when tried AGFA CrystalRaster first generation stochastic screening... a kind of plate GREASING. Spent a lot of time to find proper water/ink balance.
Printers did not like CR made plates.
Every time when job came in stochastic they had to readjust the press.
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