basysPrint UV-Setter


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I'm looking for people who are using the basysPrint UV-Setter who might be willing to answer a few questions in the coming months. We've got a conversion coming up from a couple of old Pako film printers. The conversion is in conjunction with a new flexo press installation. (I also hereby do solemnly swear that I shall not give anyone cause for regretting an offer of help, <grin>). Thanks.


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Re: basysPrint UV-Setter

i'm currently using a basysprint 1116f2 and a 57f. If you have any questions regarding either of these 2 machines, let me know. i also serve as the onsite tech for them.


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Re: basysPrint UV-Setter

hello i am also a 1116 user and a 710-2 user and ill buoght another 710HS, so any quiestion you may have a might be able to answer it, or help you also. thanks,

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Re: basysPrint UV-Setter

Thinking of buying one soon..... what are the plus/minus points please? I want info from actual users not Baseys!

Many Thanks


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HI, I am about to upgrade my Prepress Bureau so I really wanT to buy a Basysprint equipment, I have not seen how it works, but Im sure it does work well, has anyone around here can recommend me where to buy a used one or new one at good price?
jsechev from Mexico

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i was a seller for print plate like ps , ctp .recently i has a client he needs the price of pletter setter. if anybody sell the machine please contect me

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