Baumfolder 30.5 Cutter Problem


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Im hoping someone has some experience with a Baumfolder 30.5 Cutter. When we depress both buttons to drop the clamp and blade the switch on the back of the cutter on the right side towards the top of the cutter starts to rattle & buzz and nothing will move. We have to depress the buttons several times before it will actually cut. Not sure what role the switch plays in the process so am at a stand still as to what to fix. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks:confused:


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Sounds like the solonoid that releases the pin that locks the knife in the up position. See if you can get it to move manually. That would be my first guess.


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Call Baum at 1-800-543-6107 they have great support of their products, and maybe able to trouble shoot over the phone. They have helped me a few times with our folder.


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