Best Midwest Metallic Printer Reference Request


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I have a really high end job that I need a reference to a printer in the midwest who can help us with all aspects of designing, preparing and printing with extensive use of the latest metallic technologies.
We will need samples showing creative use of metallic based design and production.

Please send me the contacts and any personal experience you might have with any printer that you can recommend for this kind of work. I have used this forum in the past for such references with great success and offer my thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.

David Lewis
david at luciddream com


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Hey Dave,
May be a bit out of town for you but ColorMark in Dallas put out some awesome work. I work at a trade shop in Dallas and always pass them along to someone looking for high end print. I normally work with Dan Redman. You can check them out Colormark Printing, give Dan a call if there not the shop for you he can give you a idea where to go.

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