Best Postal Bar Coding Software?

We are looking for bar coding software. We tried Mailers+4 by Melissa, but it seems to be based on old software, and is archaic and cumbersome to use.

Any suggestions? Other than, of course, dump the postal printing on the printer as part of the package deal...



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Are you wanting to do presorting of a Mailing List and then making barcodes for each record? Or are you wanting to just make one barcode?


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yes mailers+4 has not updated the features of the software much. it is not that hard to use once you get onto it. you might check out satori bulkmailer 5


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If you are wanting to do presorting. I would recommend Mail Manager 2010 from BCC Software. We use Mail Manager and find it very flexible with our needs. I don't work for BCC Software and never have, just a satisfied user of the product.

Rhonda G

We have excellent tech support from Satori - from general software problems to questions on postal regulations. At times, Satori has contacted one of the post offices we ship to when they have questions on a bulk mailer report to further clarify things for them. Satori also has a quick response time in solving problems. Satori Bulk Mailer is used in our Prepress dept. because they are more familiar with software in general, and Satori tech support is by far at the top of the list for quick solutions and the kind of customer service where customers land on their feet - at no extra charge. (Naturally, the ink jetting and mailing is in the mailing dept.) Hope this helps and good luck.

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