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anyone ever used BlackMagic? do you recommend it? we faced problem with the Fuji RIP calibration, it can only be done manually while trying to calibrate it on Epson 9880. We were told BlackMagic would solve that problem.


BlackMagic for Proofer Calibration.

BlackMagic for Proofer Calibration.

Hi R&D,

Yes, I would recommend BlackMagic because:
1. Integrity of proofing. (1-bit output proof from RIP).
2. Flexibility of device output. (Most brands of printers - Epson / HP / OKI / etc.).
3. Options for output. Proof / Tiff / PDF
4. Control of workflow. Multiple queues / Multiple settings (hold / preview / reprint / rush / etc.).
5. De-imposition. Ability to take portions of a layout and reprint on a laser printer. Or duplex impositions to a laser.
6. Ability to resize output for posters / banners.
etc. etc.
7. Established product with great support.

BlackMagic offers numerous options for calibrating & profiling output to proofers such as an Epson 98xx. We are currently running BM to do this job for an Epson 9800 Pro proofer.

Proofers are similar to CTP in that there is a "linearization" (calibration) that determines a linear output then a "characterisation" (adjustment) that corrects the proof towards a target. (normally a printing press result or print standard).

Remember BM polls a RIP to source 1-bit data for proofing, hence the RIP data MAY already have a dot gain curve applied, as proofers do not normally produce dot gain like a printing press this needs to be corrected in BlackMagic to emulate the result on the press.

Serendipity Software's website has a support section where the user manual for BlackMagic can be downloaded. There should be detailed information for proofing calibration / profiling / adjustment in here: Manuals

I'm told v3.5 (current version) adds support for ISO calibration. Your BlackMagic reseller should be able to give you additional information on how this can be achieved as well.

Warm Regards,

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Bob Hill

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I would suggest you contact the folks who recommended Black Magic to you and engage their support. As noted by matmac this is excellent software and since the original folks identified it as a fix for your problem, logic would suggest you have them implement it.

KMGI Sales

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Thats one way to look at it Bob, however with our technical service reps who are trained on this software by Bob Murphy (Serendipity) himself, I think we could handle the install pretty easily.

But then again location does play a part in this, assuming this customer is in the states, we could handle it quite nicely.

Bob Hill

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Mark, I offered my opinion based on what R&D asked. I'm not sure why you want to defend yourself to me, but it's not necessary. Seems to me that this may be a little more than a software install since he mentioned the Fuji RIP and calibration issues. It seems to me that the person who suggested the solution must have familiarity with what the customer does and what their needs are.

I'm not sure this conversation is helpful to the author of the original post on this thread, so I'll leave it there.

KMGI Sales

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Bob, I agree, and please do not take my posts the wrong way, I did not read into R&D's post that anyone really specific that could sell him the proofing software told him. Just a general someone told him..

So I simply wanted to offer up that we could get him the software and install it should he need someone who had access and was an authorized dealer.

Again sorry if you took my post the wrong way...

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