blanket washer cloth rewind


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we have been rewinding and using our cloths a second time on our sm 52. seems to be okay, but recently we have noticed the blankets are not completely dry on the second use of the cloths. does anyone else rewind cloth for a second use.


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Are the blankets dry on the first use? I dont think I've seen a cloth cleaner leave the blankets dry after use, first or second. But I've only used a few different types of those, so not saying it isnt possible :)


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I've never heard of anyone rewinding blanket wash cloth before. In this day and age of constantly looking for ways to cut costs I do understand thinking outside of the box. Good luck with this project.


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The cloth already has soaked up chemicals / ink in it, so it not going to be as effective the second time around.

Why not just idle the press at run speed for a minute or two to dry the blankets off, that's what some of the newer equipment does, just to air dry the blankets.

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Ret Heidelberg Instructor

Ret Heidelberg Instructor

For the longest time the SM 52 was the only press that allowed you to rewind the cloth from the operating console. I believe that you can do it on some other models now. Yes ,you could save some money on the cloths. Heidelberg did not really want the feature used as they would sell less cloth. It was in my opinion a good feature. The life of the cloth the 2nd time around may not be as good but if you can save a buck why not. I knew of customers that used up the original cloths and never bought anymore from Heidelberg or aftermarket suppliers. Those were the penny consious sweatshop bean counter types that would have their operator do the blankets manually with a rag and cheap solvent. These are the people that would buy a Cadillac press and operate it like a Yugo. Contrary to this if you have a 5 colour press and use the first unit to dust off powder, wash the blanket by hand and save the cloth. That my 2 cents worth.

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