Bleeds and grey bar (smart mark) using Preps?


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Question: I had a job that was a 32 pp tab. I made up a template etc, importing smart marks for the grey bar. Problems arose when I saw that the customer had bleeds on two of his regular, inside pages. The thing is, I had to delete the grey bar to get the bleed all the way to the gutter. This of course killed out the grey bar, but also the one on the corresponding flat next to it, too. Is there some trick to Preps where can have 1/2 a grey bar on the one plate and also keep a (whole) grey bar on the corresponding flat? Thanks!!

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Re: Bleeds and grey bar (smart mark) using Preps?

If I understand you correctly, you want one side of a sheet to have a full bar and the other side to have a partial bar. You should be able to do this by placing a separate mark for each side, and choosing "front" or "back" instead of "both" for mark placement. The position coordinates entered for the back side mark represent the mark's position relative to the front side. Does this mark appear on the finished product (e.g., if it's an untrimmed tab)?


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Re: Bleeds and grey bar (smart mark) using Preps?

When you're saying "" are you referring to web press?

Click on the gray bar and do just as Kyle said. Check to see if you can choose which side you want it to print...or not to print. The other thing you may want to try is to dupilcate it and set one for the front and one for the back. You can change to position of each to fit your needs.


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