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Are you convinced now Gordo? I am still waiting.

Now the number of SMS colours has gone from 420 to 869 pr. colour palette. Now we have 3 colour palettes, the Standard (this is the original one), the ECO (also suited for Newspaper printing - so slightly off-white) and the SMS MAX palette suited for only Coated paper (more vibrant - for packaging etc.). All 3 colour palettes are also perfectly consistent in sRGB format for online viewing on calibrated displays, for Television (REC 709/REC 2020) and for digital printing on textiles (Fogra 58).
We have even liberated our SMS colours in such a way that registered users of the P20 colour palettes (sRGB or REC format), which cost EUR 60 each, are now allowed to do their own colour conversions from sRGB to CMYK. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this correctly have been released, along with the list of icc profiles that each system supports.
Of course, as before, SMS users can always subscribe or subscribe their customers to SMS - or order the CMYK variations they need from Spot-Nordic. Doing it yourself is however a good option for more advanced agencies or if you are working on a tight budget.

Last but not least, as of September, if you invest in a P20 (P20, P20e or P20x) colour palette, you not only get the palette with the named colours in PDF format. You also get the same palette in ASE format if you want to import all your SMS colours to your swatches in Adobe or Affinity apps (something that I would never do personally but perhaps nice for, for instance, web designers).

Check out to read all about it.


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Just for the record, Adobe did not develop Flash.

It was developed by a small company in LA named FutureWave Software, and originally called FutureSplash. FutureWave was bought in the mid-nineties by Macromedia, and FutureSplash became Macromedia Flash. And at the time, and just as vector animation software, it was cool as all hell.

When Adobe swallowed up Macromedia, they began the porking out of Flash, eventually making it the hated hog it eventually became.

Too bad, really.

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Being a bit pedantic here...LOL

I wrote that Adobe developed Flash - I didn't write that they created it.

So, you're right but I'm not wrong! :)
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