Brisque and Mac OS 10.9


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We upgraded a Mac to OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and it can no longer mount the Brisque v4. Anyone know how to make it work?

For the previous OS I was able to access the Brisque v4 by modifying the with these instructions I received from Kodak support but this does not fix the problem in OS 10.9:
Mac OS10.5 doesn't handle appletalk the same way as OS10.4. If you want to mount using apple file system do the following on your Mac.

Make sure that you are not connected to any AFP server and that you do not have any AFP-related error messages open. Then perform the following procedure:
1. Open the System volume and locate the Developer folder.

If the Developer folder is not available, you must install the Xcode Developer tools from the Mac OS X installation DVD.
To do so:
a. Insert the Mac OS X installation DVD into the DVD-ROM drive.
b. Open the Xcode Tools folder.
c. Double-click XcodeTools.mpkg.
d. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard and in the Installation Type screen, click Customize.
e. In the next screen, under Package Name, select the Developer Tools Software check box, clear all other check boxes, and click Install.
f. Type your administrator password, if required.
Note: You must have administrator rights to install the Xcode Developer tools.
g. Click Close.

2. In the Developer folder go to Applications/Utilities and in the Utilities folder, start the Property List Editor application.
3. In the Property List Editor, from the File menu, select Open.
4. Select the file located at <home folder>/Library/Preference.
5. Expand the Root folder.
6. Change the value of afp_cleartext_allow to yes.
7. From the File menu, select Save.
8. Quit the Property List Editor application.
9. Connect to a Brisque volume.


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This doesn't answer your question, but more curiosity.

The last version of Brisque released was over 10 years ago. I do realize investing money in a new RIP is expensive and can be painful, just like updating Operating Systems.

That being said. You have obviously updated your mac since 2003. Why not the RIP? Newer RIP's will process the newer file constructions better and most likely faster as well.


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We are still using the Brisque because it is still working very well. We have not had a reason to replace it previously. We even use it for our digital press when the newer rips don't handle some files properly. Believe it or not it handles transparency very well and the throughput is fine for our volume. Over the past several years we have put our resources into other areas such as web-to-print, digital presses, and mailing services. We likely will be replacing it this year but I don't want to upgrade our other Macs to OS 10.9 until I get this issue with connecting to the Brisque resolved.


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Thanks for the ideas. For now we used Automator to create a couple of shared folders on the server that send files to the Brisque Hot Folders whenever files are dropped in them.


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Hi tisascon, have you tried connecting to your Brisque using CIFS?

cifs://<server address>

Just a thought,

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