Calculating price for wide format


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We recently purchased a Roland TrueVIS SG3-540 and really like it so far. However, we are struggling to figure out the best way to calculate cost and charge back. Our Canon had a software with it that gave us the total cost of what we printed.

Thank you for your time and ideas.
A not completely accurate, but can give you an idea would be to figure out what your ink cartridge cost is, then the printer will give you an estimate on how much it will use to print the sheet, then figure out your roll of media cost and factor in how much you are using, then figure out your labor cost, then add whatever mark-up you want, that should give you a ball park estimate to work with.


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Very simple. Just do a test print, but measure the weight of the sheet before you print on it (tare), and then figure the weight of the sheet after it's been printed on. Additionally, you'll want to weigh each of your ink cartridges before and after the test print, adjust for ink weight per unit volume and you'll be able to know how many milliliters of ink you used on the test print. Voila - you now know how many milliliters of ink, for each color you used on the test print.

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