Calendar software (for generate custom calendar grids).


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Hi, I have a few churched interested to print calendars. But they need calendar grids with custom information inside.
Is any software where I can share text file with my customer, he edits it and we use these file to generate calendar grid with information from this file?
I find one like this in Europe, but it has Monday on the first day of the week, and no option to change it.
Thanks for all info and suggestions.


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I'm bumping as I am also interested in Calendar solutions people recommend.

It's not likely to help your use-case, but I have this bookmarked to test out when my payroll people get me the 2022 data. It doesn't work exactly as you describe but may be helpful. Calendar Wizard Home


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Thank you for your help. I'm testing WinCalendar and Calendar Wizard Home now. WinCalendar is much easier to start work with. But I need to test all design options, it is more important for me. Thanks again!


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I find way more options and control using Oberon's Calendar Wizard. I do several calendars a year, for the same organizations, year after year, for over a decade now. Oberon's has a ton of options, and you can save the presets, then load them again the next calendar year and just change the year (i.e. from 2021, to 2022) and click 'Generate'. There is one caveat, it is for Corel Draw. I use InDesign/Illy/Photoshop for everything, except for generating calendar data portion (the actual grid) - I generate in Corel with Oberon, export to PDF. Then place that into InDesign and then design the rest of the calendar. The data/calendar generation portion takes less than 15 minutes. Calendar Wizard 4.1 for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

Note in the attached file that you can even generate different sized Holiday text, depending if it is a major or minor holiday.



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