Canon Announces Security Roadshow—16 US City Tour


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This Summer, Canon Solutions America and their security partners will conduct a Security Roadshow tour in 16-US cities—June 4 through July 18, 2019. This initiative is designed to educate businesses on information security & data privacy, and to provide related solutions & services. This is part of a larger Canon initiative to help educate and support customers in the areas of information security & data privacy.

According to a 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report, there were 2,013 confirmed data breaches out of 41,686 incidents, and 43% of those involved small business victims. Gartner recommends that operations implement monitor & alert tools and tighten control of printed documents—requiring authentication prior to printing—to eliminate security risks.

Canon's Security Roadshow features a layered approach to securing the workplace. Along with colleagues from Vera, Barracuda Networks, NT-ware and Therefore, attendees will learn about Canon’s "Five Pillars of Security" approach that addresses multiple areas of risk:
• Device Security
• Print Security
• Document Security
• Information Security
• Cyber Security.

For the complete list of dates and locations for the security roadshow, use the link.


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This is actually a really important topic for print shops. Being in an industry where we constantly are accepting foreign files through links and email attachments and uploaded to FTP sites, the risk is high for a ransomware infection. If all your files and fonts and templates and hot folder contents and archives get turned into unintelligible garbage by a single ransomeware infection, imagine trying to recover from that!

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