Canon Introduces Mixed Matte & Gloss Finish On A Single Print


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Canon USA has announced FLXfinish+: the ability to mix matte & gloss finishes in one print—for Colorado series printers. According to the company, patented UVgel technology enables this effect without having to use an extra varnish channel or consumables, accomplishing this in a single fully-automated process, running unattended & without additional costs.

The ability to have both finishes in one print enables print service providers to take a list of applications to the next level, including:
  • Making brands stand out on point-of-sale & retail advertising,
  • Bringing labels & decals to life with glossy highlights,
  • Creating amazing effects for interior décor applications.
FLXfinish+ will be standard on all Colorado 1650s and optional on Colorado 1630s. It will also be available as an upgrade to all 1630s & 1650s already installed at customer sites. For more information, visit.

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