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We have a customer who needs runs of about 600 laminated-wrap PUR hardbound edition comic books half a dozen times a year. Trim size: 6.62" x 10.25" upright, 48 or 64 pages of 70# gloss book (100gsm).

The books sell for a high price, so packaging and handling have to be impeccable. No mashed corners, no crushing of spines. Should pack in double wall cartons or at least single wall 275# test cartons.

The customer needs a turnaround of about 4 weeks including freight to the southwestern USA.

I have had a heck of a time trying to find a bindery in our area (a few hundred miles inland from Los Angeles) that can do this. We have used an edition bindery in our region that was "once upon a time" quite good, but has changed ownership and we get uneven product now.

I have checked with trade associations and not had success finding others within 500 miles. (A side question: Is the USA in such a mess that we don't have edition binderies anymore on the West Coast?)

Does anyone know of a book bindery in this "neck of the woods" that could produce this?

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