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I`m from mexico city and I gonna buy a Fuji Celix 4000 from another printer, however, a friend in prepress business has told me that Celix 4000 is a bad investment because if it doesn`t work properly nobody can repair it, because this model is bad.

Is it correct??
Thanks for an advice. I´ve tried to find some information about it in google, however, there`s not a lot.



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No it wasn't bad actually, but it requires more maintenance than others and you need an experienced service engineer quickly available when needed. Spares are very hard to find and expensive.
Can anyone advice on CROSFIELD/FUJI CELIX 8200 IMAGESETTER. I want to know the availability of spare part, service engineer and efficient of this machine. Thank you. ADE


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Same thing with respect to spares availability and service engineers, would cost you both arms and legs. Stay away. Obsolete argon laser i.e. blue sensitive film impossible to fine these days and utterly complicated overengineered machine. Used to be a Bentley of the 90's, very high quality output but also used to break down a lot. Just my 2c.


celix 4000 good imagesetter only the mirror motor can cose problem if there is a lot of dust in the room


A stunning design and jaw-dropping image quality – worth the high price. It's nice product to buy and don't worry about the parts.

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