Chicago G7® Training & Certification course


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Idealliance & Canon have partnered to offer G7® training at the Canon Solutions America Itasca technical center in Itasca, Ill—December 11 through 13, 2018

G7 certification is the recognized international specification for color management, and is Idealliance’s global standard for achieving gray balance & visual similarity for consistent color reproduction across any print medium or substrate.

Led by David Hunter—G7 Expert Trainer—the 3-day training event will cover a multitude of print applications, including:
  • Digital print,
  • Color management,
  • Process control implementation & optimization,
  • Featuring live demonstrations of applying the G7 methodology in print production workflows and technology.
This G7 Training session is open to the public for participants to achieve G7 Expert and G7 Professional Certification. There is a fee for this session, and participants must register online prior to attending, at

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