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We are looking for a small footprint/price tag color label roll printer. The only two that I have seen are the Primera LX900 and the VIVO touch. The labels are the for the Wine industry and the Food industry. Any thoughts?

Brett S

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The current volume is 250/500/1000 runs of a 5 1/4x4 label, then another is 2 1/2x8 1/8 and those runs vary from 500-2500. All are 4-color process.


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why do you need it to be a roll fed printer? why not single sheet labels?

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customer driven

customer driven

We currently print the labels on sheets but the customer wants rolls. They recently purchased a label applicator machine in an effort to streamline the process. Any other thoughts? The Primera is low end but low cost, around $2300. All of the other options are $20-30K. Anything in between?


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We are currently looking into this as well..

We have a Primera LX810 machine which we have to almost get finance from a bank to buy cartridges for and it is just not a viable product..

Have found the VP485 Colour Label Printer which looks like a much better machine, you can also get a Bulk Ink Supply system (or CISS) for this printer which will cut ink costs down a fair bit which is why the machine has become so attractive to us.

Any one used one of these before?


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One thing you have to remember is that the inkjet labels will not be water safe, so if a wine bottle is chilled, then it gets condensation, the ink will rub off if touched. Even worse would be to put it in an ice bucket! I evaluated all the inkjet label printers several years ago, and all had this problem.

If you have such short runs I would look to outsource it. You can try Lightning Labels, they do really good work.


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DaveHolmes did you know that your cx1200 is nothing but retrofitted Lexmark printer?
We can do research on which exactly model of Lexmark that is and use aftermarket inks. I would assume that finding a good quality manufacturer should not be a problem at all. You could cut your cost in 2-3 times. I bet that you being sold those toner cartridges as a propitiatory for more money than Original Lexmark cartridges.


We had the Primera 810XL and when printed on the high gloss labels, the ink is water resistant. Yes, the ink can get expensive, especially with high coverage. If you are looking at a Primera inkjet, there are other sources for label stock other than Primera, such as
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