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I am having a problem when putting colors in the creative cloud library. I am creating the swatches and designating them as color type: process, color space: CMYK, and then uploading them to the cloud library. my issue comes in when I place them into a new document, the colors come back into the new document as Color type:Spot. is there any way to get them to come back down from the cloud as process or, am I just stuck manually changing them from spot to process every-time?

any advice would be most appreciated



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Hi CKirk;

I think I may have an answer...
We had this issue:
We received a .pdf file from a client. I opened it up and they had spec’d cmyk values for colors such as “Green” and “Red”, etc. But they were not spot colors in their file.
My boss opened the same file on his computer - and his cmyk values for those same colors were entirely different than mine. That is because in his Color Settings menu, he was using a different profile.
There is a lot of CRAP about Adobe Color Profiles out there - dig in wisely.

BUT! The one and only all-purpose work around for this particular color profile issue is for each color to be saved as “Spot”.

There was even an issue with some pms colors. Although they show as Spot in the colors window, the color profile that you use can affect the cmyk values in a pms color because it (the name) is an application native color.
Apparently Adobe is doing you a huge favor by saving your colors as Spot. Please make sure you give them names that you created, not application native names.
That way regardless of the color profile whatever machine you are working on is using, your cmyk color spec’s will be what you intended.

Most people creating files for output don’t bother to use color profiling. In order for your document to open somewhere else with the same cmyk values (not spot) as you have spec’d in your file, that somewhere else must be using the same or a similar profile. The only way to tell is if the file was saved with an embedded profile, is if the somewhere else computer has the little box by “Profile Mismatches” checked (in Edit>Color Settings), which will alert you if the file you are opening has a different profile than what you have set up.
If you do not have that little box checked and are just opening client files, you may end up with an entirely different set of colors than what your client expects AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT.

According to the web, when choosing a profile in Adobe the most common defaults for print are the ones that read “Preserve Numbers (Ignore Linked Profiles)”.
Which again leads you back to saving all of your colors as Spot.

I hope this helps. And as I am still currently digging in to this topic, I hope you get other answers here as well.
Best Luck, and Peace to the Print Planet!
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