Complex PDF with vector, long rip time .


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Hi i need one solution for the PDF`s with very complex vector´s inside .
The PDF is small format, but this will mounted on one sheet size 1000x700, and after send this job to metadimension it take 2 to 3 hours to output the job on CTP .
My question is what can be done on PDF or application to make it more easy , without convert the vector in image

Here is the link for the file . - online file sharing and storage - download PDF

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Heidelberg imagesetter Primesetter 74 with delta Tower and Delta 8.0 software version.
The test of SUMOL Ananas_Layout 1.pdf - on my Queue „Input Dir” - print time 1 Min. 46 Sec.
Separation to colors: Magenta, Yellow, Black, Pantone 376C, Pantone 388C and Pantone 485C.

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Przemek Peszek - Poland


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Complex PDF

Complex PDF

I ripped your job using our TaskForce Rip to a 1200 DPI zoomable proof in just under a minute.

I'd love to know if this looks the way you expect it to:

Zoomable Proof

You can roll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out and click and drag to move around in the image.

I did not put this into a larger layout, so I'm not sure this is a valid timing comparison, but size typically is relative.

David Lewis
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