Compressed Photoshop EPS in Indy CS3


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Has anyone enountered any issues in Indy CS2or3 with the clipping paths or drop shadows of a Photoshop EPS with jpeg compression?

.... just a curiousity.... we've been using a compression utility for years that causes such problems. I've been testing alternatives and haven't run into the issues in my testing. But, before I submit my findings to management I want to get your opinions..... any and all will be appreciated.



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Re: Compressed Photoshop EPS in Indy CS3

I've had problems with compressed graphics files since PhotoShop could write them. I've advised against using LZW compressed TIFF and JPEG compressed EPS for several years. Network speeds that they are now, the size those take up is not an issue and not worth the hassle of the compression problems.

For those that try to transfer really large files over the Internet, I say don't underestimate the bandwidth of a box a DVD-R's delivered FedEx next day. Or a station wagon filled with Exabyte tapes driven cross country ;)

Anything over 50 MB is more efficient to transfer by writing a CD and putting it in an envelope. For those with really fast connections maybe 100 MB.

Re: Compressed Photoshop EPS in Indy CS3

A little off topic, but.... Does commercial compression software like ZIP or Stuffit result in data loss? I've used both for years for ftp and email transfers with only rare problems which I generally assumed was data loss during the transfer.


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Re: Compressed Photoshop EPS in Indy CS3

StuffIt and Zip archives are both 100% lossless.



Re: Compressed Photoshop EPS in Indy CS3

I would stay away from EPS files and just place a transparent PSD. no need for clipping paths.


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Re: Compressed Photoshop EPS in Indy CS3

I would really be careful using stuffit in it's latest version(11). I upgraded fron version 9 a couple months ago and ran in a problem with it. I use it to archive my job files before burning to DVD for storage. The specific job folder was 2.31 GB in size and stuffed without errors. For some reason i checked the file by unstuffing it and comparing it's size to the original. The results were DIFFERENT SIZES!!! Woops! I contacted Smith Micro and spent 2 weeks sending files back and forth trying to determin the cause. The finally admitted that it was a problem in their engine for their new lossless jpeg compression. I went back to version 9 and am still waiting for this to be fixed. My advice is ti use version 11 with the greatest caution and if you do, test....test...and test again.



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