Computer that hosts Navigator 9 hard drive filling up


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So, we run Navigator 9 and the hard drive is quickly filling up.
The drive is 465 GB in size. 375 GB are used now.
That leaves 90 GB available. I thought I noticed something a few months ago. At that point I had 109 GB left.
I don't know if all of the jobs that we have sent are still stored on this drive or what.
I cannot find them, and I am running out of ideas about what and where to check.
Does anyone know what I need to do?
I do know that the Output Controller does keep files for a period of time.
I cleaned those out, as I do from time to time, but that was only 8 GB of files.


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Assuming you have the rip only no workflow go to file menu uncheck start inputs, then above at configure rip > extras, see where pagebuffer and workspace folders reside, default on Drive C unless you specified otherwise. Quit Navigator, go to that location and delete all contents from these folders, you will of course lose all jobs if any.
Go to Navigator folder/SW and locate the so-called logfile, check its size ; safe to delete as well, the software will recreate a new logfile next time it's started. Other places to collect garbage data :
- open all input queues created (if any) via input controller and locate the Error folder, safe to clear that one too
- shared input folders if you set them up
- some old tiff output folder if someone ever configured a pagesetup to export tiff files locally, just a thought
- actual job files ... some location filling up with pdf or PS files whatever you use
- archiving locations if any.
It's worth looking carefully into all entries of the input controller list it tells where and when filed are being processed and moved.


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Maybe check it "delete jobs after completion" is not activated. That will fill a HD in no time.

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