Converting black to spots


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Does anyone know of a way to replace black (grayscale) in a PDF to a spot colour. I am trying to reduce the time for imaging up plates and was trying to convert 4 pdf pages to separate colours so they can be imaged up at the same time to different heads.

I am using a prestek di 34 and have tried changing the suffix of the files in thumbprint to so1, so2 etc but to no avail.


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you could export the pdf as an image, open in photoshop, save as greyscale tiff and place multiple times in say quark or indy and colourize there

or colourize in photoshop and save different versions

John Clifford

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While beermonster's fix would work, if you also have vectored data in your PDF, doing this will rasterize the text.

You can use Pitstop. Select the grayscale image, bring up the inspector, click on the color tab, choose the spot button, choose the spot color you want, and save (I always save-as with a different name so that I don't destroy the original).

Couldn't be simpler

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