Creep push in AND out?

We're currently working on a project that has historically been difficult to bind, they've added a couple more obstacles to the design this year and the standard creep just doesn't seem to cut it.

The booklet is 100 pages plus cover, 6 3/4" x 4", it's SUPER fat

The person creating the imposition (not sure what software they're using) enters the page numbers, stock thickness etc.. and a default amount of creep will pull the pages IN more and more as the pages get closer to the center of the book.

This is usually sufficient and the job can proceed

However, with the new design, the client added colour coded tabs to the bottom edge that bleed off of the page, so you can find a spot in the book when it's closed.

In the middle of the book, the tabs are cut far too much (not creeping in enough, text getting chopped) and the tabs at the back have all of the bleed showing (these pages are default position and are set to not creep at all)

Is it my understanding that some pages should creep inwards (the pages in the middle of the book) and some pages should creep, or be pushed, outwards.

If I cut the book to 4", the most outside page measures more than 4", the most inside page measures less than 4", therefore wouldn't it make sense to creep inwards for the most inside half of the book and push outwards for the outter half of the book?


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Re: Creep push in AND out?

I usually get the amount of sheets used of the stock you are running the book on, fold them in half (making sure you have the same amount of shingling on both sides once folded). Measure the distance from the outside sheet to the inside sheet (the total amount of shingling). That is the measurement i would use to set as my creep amount. To my knowledge you would only push pages toward trim edge if you were punching holes in the folded edge for like a 3 ring binder.


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Re: Creep push in AND out?

Do as been suggested - Usually the leaves halfway through the book are the correct size and you reduce to the middle and add as they get to the cover.

I would be interested how you get on - folding, stitching and trimming can be very difficult


I got involved in A6 landscape booklets and had to do them two up to be able to stitch them - and even then in the declined them - only to find out all the other printers had problems


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Re: Creep push in AND out?

i use a demo version of "quite imposing" (Plugin for acrobat) to do my creep on PDF files. You can specify the amount of creep and amount of pages and it will do all the work for you. The demo wont allow you to do any imposition of PDF files, but its a free way to allow for page creep.

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