Creo lotem 400 quantum boot up problem


The initial problem was Invalid buffer index and underneath the Lotem controller says Debug assertion failed (lotem400vgui.exe)
wincore.cpp on line 980. Then this error was somehow eliminated by flashing the TMCE / MCE Board (TURBO MASTER CONTROL ELECTRONICS). but after flashing TMCE board firmware the parameters of the media definitions has become unresponsive and the the user could not input or select any media for plate output.
The error displayed is "could not find TMCE media with ID 6 are there any media types defined in the TMCE?
There have been many trials that has been taken to resolve these errors. Re-installing the Lotem controller firmware, reformatting and installing the Lotem controller, and also flashing the binaries of the TMCE Board firmware didn't work at all. If possible the MCE firmware and media parameters could be found re installing the correct configurations would resolve for good.

In addition to that when the Lotem controller boots up the firmware diagnostic monitor displays "Main firmware execution attempted too many times. " and "Error detected on bootup : -29736 (376) reset induced by software watchdog. Invalid Command !"

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That error had nothing to do with TMCE - you most probably made things worse and you may have the wrong firmware or missing nvs parameters now.
wincore.cpp is from Windows itself or either corrupted OS or called incorrectly due to a corruption in application - should have reloaded BIOS, the OS image, application, restored registry and database - and that should have fixed it.
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