CREO PTP Processor Conductivity


Does anybody perform readings of the conductivity of their creo developer for PTP? We had issues with plate not fully developing the non-image area so we increased the replenishment rate which has help. Purchased a conductivity meter in which a new jug of developer reads 88 (seimens or microseimens???) does this sound about right? I do know that if dev reads 10 points lower that dev is considered "used up" any thoughts?


Re: CREO PTP Processor Conductivity

G'day Mark,

It is a shame there has not been a response to your question. This is a very interesting question !

There are a lot of CREO plates being imaged and knowing the conductivity would be an excellent quality control tool.

I am a consultant and do a lot of quality control and colour management work.

I am going to buy a conductivity meter this week and try and build up some data from a few sites.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direcetion and I will share my results with the forum.

Best regards,

Dan Wilson,
Re: CREO PTP Processor Conductivity

Hi Mark,

From what I can find out, it should be between 90 and 92 at 24 degrees Celcius. I have used the ptp for almost 4 years and am switching in a month. We have had the longest recorded run in the world, over 1.3 million on a single set, unbaked, but there is just tooo much hassle with the processing of such an aggressive plate. And as you know, when the chem goes, it goes, and you can not even get 20,000 out of a set of plates. It was pretty neat 4 years ago, but now is very much a headache, and from what I can tell, Kodak is killing it anyway.


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Re: CREO PTP Processor Conductivity

We recently went to the PTP plate. Your correct that it starts life out at about 88 Mhs. We begin to worry when it drops below 81. So far it has been a great plate. The temp. on the developer is very critical. 24 degrees celcius is correct for your temp. As was stated in this thread the PTP will go away by or before first part of next year, however, it is being replaced by what is currently known as T-93. This is using some of the same technology and scientist as was used on the PTP and has a very high profile at Kodak for developement. Hope this helps.

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