Creo Thermal head hours reset?


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I'm looking for anyone with info on how to reset the hour count on a Creo Thermal Head.
We're putting in fresh lasers, and the results will speak for themselves, but psychologically, people will want to see the odometer back at zero.
If anyone knows this, thanks in advance.


I think it is important to be honest your customers and not try and deceive them. As with any electo/mechanical device there is a lifespan. Let tham know where they stand.


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Thanks for your wisdom. That's exactly what I'm trying to do.
I wouldn't want to deceive my customers and let them think a refurbed laser I sold them has thousands of hours on it if I just replaced it with a new one.


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Is it about TH1.x or TH2.x?
Are these lasers from Kodak?
As far as I know, the diodes in these lasers cannot be replicated at least not at the same quality because it would be too complicated and expensive for a company with limited resources. I also have doubts about the light valve.
I know there are a couple companies refurbishing these lasers, but what hey do but it is mostly about the electronics.
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