CS4 Vignette wont rip in Nexus 9.5


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Customer file had a Vignette created in Indesign CS4 Linear cmyk
It could not get through the trapping module of Nexus 9.5.
The only way we could get it to work was to create a Photoshop Eps
file of the Vignette and replace it in the Indesign Doc. It then went
through without an issue. Anyone else experience this

Lukas Engqvist

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Could it be the number of points in the clipping path? If too many points, or two points too close togtether you may get a devide by zero when calculating clipping paths. People making clip paths Photoshop are normally more experienced.


Depends on your work flow...

Depends on your work flow...

Depending on your work flow, blends/gradations can be converted to ct. The translation is very good and maintains spot color. It also simplifies trapping.
One area is in the import module for vector work flow, the other is "Band to PSTI" in the Raster work flow.

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