cutting from Illustrator to Mutoh


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Hi there.

Bit stuck. Was cutting to a Roland (GX500) cutter from a plug in Ai (cs6) My Roland died. A cheap Mutoh Valuecut
came up, before I purchase a few people told me yes you can get a plug in for this (still cutting from Adobe illustrator) So I purchased.

Do you think I can find a link to this download!!!. I have been told that there is one available (somewhere?)
but only on cs6 (this is fine by me) also I really need a mac version but If I had to I would purchase a pc version
of AI.

Your help is appreciated. Thanks Simon


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I searched all over the web, even usenet groups, but found nothing. Sorry.
I did find a place to look at and download the manual HERE and it does look like the plugin is for a PC (Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator). Seems the plugin is on the CD that should come with the device. I did not find a place to download the CD.
You could start with a phone call. Here is their NA offices contact (scroll to the bottom of the page) SUPPORT. Best of luck.


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Thanks Esko. Unfortunately I did not get a cd when I purchased the Mutoh. At the end of the day all I want to do is create cut lines (from vector art files, mostly for labels) with the registration cross's (my old Roland had dots)

It is just I know how to use illustrator and I was trying to avoid the hassle of learning a new programme.

But will give this phone number a try thanks for the help. ta Simon

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