Dark Streaks in Black only

Working on a Xerox 700i, there is an issue with the black in which the lines are dark as opposed to a lighter line which I see often. I replaced the drum, developer, IBT belt, and cleaned the ROS. Nothing changes and again only in the black. Any advice?


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Developer, I assume you mean housing as well?

Two other things to check would be the 1stBTR under the black drum and the laser.


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Does the 700i have glass over the laser? I will get this if I get smudges on the glass on my ricoh.


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I used to get similar on dc242 and was always the ros. Alot of mirrors within the unit. Techs used to try and open it up to clean but rarely worked and replacement was generally needed. Suppose to be a sealed unit so opening was never ideal.
I had to remove the ROS completely and use some cleaner on the glass for the black laser. There was a thin layer of something (not toner) on it. At any rate thank you so much for everyones help, we're back up and running!

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