data flows on multible places on same sheet, printshop mail question


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Might be too straightforward but i can't achieve this, or find a similar question on the net...

So lets say i have a row of 5000 entries in an excel file, and i want them placed 2 by 5 on each sheet i'll print.

(First sheet entries 1-10, 2nd sheet 11-20, 3rd 21-30 etc)

So i want 10 variable boxes in my vdp layout, but the data should ''flow'' from one text box to the other then to the next page etc.

It looks elementary, yet i can't figure out how its done, vdp newbie as you might have guessed...

Thanks in advance !

Graeme NZ

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There are a couple of ways to approach this as I don't think Printshop Mail imposes. I could be wrong though - it's been a wee while since I've used it!

One way is merge your data to a 1up PDF, then impose it 2x5 in a separate application. This is probably the most simple solution.

You could also look at setting up the layout sequence within the data itself. It's a good workaround when imposing downstream isn't an option and it's a powerful trick to know. It's tricky for an excel newbie but it's worth knowing!

If imposing in a separate application won't work for you, let me know and I can write up a step by step guide to imposing your data. It's fairly straigtforward but there are a few steps.

Graeme NZ

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When I mean setting up the layout sequence in the data, your data source would look like this:
5.1 columns.jpg - Data

And you printshop mail project would look a little like this:
7 layout preview.jpg - Field preview

And the printed output would look like this:
7 layout preview2.jpg


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First of all thanks for your reply.

Merging my data in one pdf then imposing it elsewhere might do the trick, but the xls entries are barcodes.

The second solution, i thought of it too, but it falls way out from what i call ''straightforward'' and, i appreciate you understood that in the first place, i don't know how to sort out/prepare my data of the excel file in the way you describe, so if you can write down the guide it would be very helpful.

I must upgrade my - not existing - excel skills, i think most of the work in vdp jobs is preparing vdp data in the appropriate way.

Thanks in advance!


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ok, i found out how to sort out my excel file, (with the vlookup function but if there is an easier way i'm all ears) still i think i'm missing something.

Since i'll be doing this a lot from now on, and it doesn't look very productive, what other options do i have?

Thanks in advance!


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Years ago, we used PlanetPress (later, a smaller version came out by Objectiv Lune called Printshop Mail). I've never used printshop mail, but, if it's like PlanetPress, This should be relatively easy to do, without any fancy imposing or Excel file manipulation. Basically, your just going to set up one box, or PDF, in the upper left hand corner of your page with the variable information. Then, you are going to use "Step and Repeat" to duplicate that box, or PDF 9 more times. Then, somewhere in printshop mail, there is a parameter that says something like "Number of Records To The Page" where you will tell it that there are 10 records to the page. It should then handle everything from there automatically.

If that doesn't work, you can always just use the mail merge function of Microsoft Word. Basically, you are just printing a 10-up peel and stick label, (except they are not peel and stick labels). There's probably even a pre-set Avery label template that closely matches what you are trying to do.

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Hi motormount,

Here's a quick step-by-step guide: How to impose data.pdf

It gets a bit meatier when you have to deal with a lot of fields - if you think you'll wind up with a stupid number of fields I suggest you try removing the fields that aren't needed for printed output before you start imposing. If you still have too many for Printshop Mail (I forget what the limit is) then this method isn't for you...

No Vlookup functions - just one basic if statement and some cutting and pasting! Enjoy.

Imposing data wouldn't be my first port of call with a problem such as yours, it would be more like my last choice! But in saying that, it's a useful tool to have in your kit.

I agree with Mailguru, your software should be able to output an imposed print file. Failing that, output a 1up PDF then impose it in another application.


  • How to impose data.pdf
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Thanks a lot, i'll give it a try as soon as i can
( one man show here - as in most shops of our size nowrdays - for prepress-postpress, some csr, maintenance, training and whatever else seems to fit in the prepress duties term...
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Graeme thank you very much for your help, but even in that way it's very time consuming.

I have a job with 20000 barcodes and 20000 numbers to be printed on pre-printed sheets.

Each pre printed sheet takes ten codes, a ten-up if there is such a term.

With this method for this job i should make 20 rows (made them with the vlookup already) place each couple of them to their places adjust text and barcode sizes 20 times and then print a pdf.....

Ideal scenario is i set up the first data block on my page ( in terms of text and barcode size, alingment etc) then copy it to the other 9 places and then link them in a way that data starts on text box 1, and finishes on text box 20000 in the 2000th and last page of my document.

What do you think is the fastest - but safest- way to approach this?
And with what kind of software?

(I've got printshop mail 6, signastation 11, office 2007 and some oldish adobe apps - acrobat pro 9, and cs2 suite.)

Thanks in advance!

Here's the links for the files if any one want to take a look at them.

pdf with placholders

excel file with numbers and barcodes

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