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Design’N’Buy—online web-to-print solution provider—has announced the launch of a new version of All-In-One Web2Print (AIOW2P). Targeted to print brokers, trade printers, marketing organizations, graphics designers, packaging manufacturers, commercial & B2C/B2B printers, AIOW2P allows customers to log into their account, browse through desired products, choose from print-ready templates and place an order without intervention from sales.

Upgrades include:
  • New, fully mobile web-to-print editor—re-coded on JavaScript ES6 & template compatible—delivers a designing experience across different devices & browsers.
  • GraphQL for fast data exchange with front & back-end systems.
  • Live Quotation where users can add a range of options such as lamination, corner type, printed side, paper type, quantity, etc.
  • Integrate Stock Photo libraries—end-customers can add photos to their design.
  • A UI provides an app-like mobile interface, multi-language support with RTL functionality, quick editing tool bar, 3D preview, smart & linked fields in the design templates.
  • Quick Design editor has been enhanced to support customized & preview multiple sides/pages, including arrow-based navigation & QR code insertion.
  • Built on Magento 2.4.x Open-Source, can be implemented with Magento Commerce & Cloud versions.
  • Variable Data Printing.
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I have a personal antipathy for companies that make me sit through a presentation before disclosing the price of their product.
It's an immediate no-go for me.

It's the modern era, list your prices for software online upfront OR at the very least a price range so us smaller shops can know whether or not we're wasting our time to even inquire.


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