Did Adobe Acrobat PC (32 bit) change the Extract Dialogue box?


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Did Adobe Acrobat Pro PC (32-bit) change the Extract Dialogue box? The supplied screen shot is unfortunately from a Mac from home and not my PC at work, with the latest version of Acrobat 2021.007.20091. It has a "From" and a "To" box to enter the page numbers. Now on the PC version after yesterday's update has only one box so entering a From and To value requires a hyphen. It was quicker to just "tab" and enter numbers. Is this just my PC installation or was this an actual design change? I use this function on almost every job I do. Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 8.56.02 AM.jpg
pc acrobat.jpg
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Hy, in the new adobe acrobat pro is changed the extract file, just write in new extract like this ex: 1-30 and extract just this pages. Adobe eliminate the tab now you can write in that case.

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