Digital Print Stocks grain direction question


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I was just wondering, especially in the Digital arena why Text Weight and Cover Weight stocks are different grain directions as standard (i.e. 12x18 100# Text is long grain, and 18x12 100# cover is short grain?)

The reason I ask is mainly for cracking issues. (we have an inline booklet maker, just doesn't score inline.)
On a booklet job PLUS cover, it is 'usually' OK without scoring as the grain on the cover stock is short, but on booklet that is self -cover (on say 100# text), the cover form may need to score offline if the artwork wraps because the grain direction is long....

I understand the basis sheet is different for Text vs. Cover stock, I just don't know why i need to run grain long for ANY stock on a 12x18 digital printer?

The only product that I can think of would be tri-fold 8.5 x 11 brochures 2-up....but since I don't finish these inline, my bindery could add a score on our folders if needed.

Just looking for a there reasons to be afraid of short-grain TEXT stocks? curl? paper cuts?
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Many of the light production machines have tight turns through the paper path of the machine. The paper will bend around these turns easier with the grain short. Talk to your paper distributor about getting full size sheets and cutting it yourself to get grain long. Just remember you may be throwing a lot of scrap away.

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