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I have a digital Xante Impressia that struggles to print proper coverage, but only on certain spots of the page. It does not matter what type of stock.

We have tried changing all the drums kits, cleaned the glass layers overtop all the drums with the brush that comes with the printer, we have replaced the ITB and the fuser as well. we have replaced every consumable part that we can with that machine, and we have ran every color calibration and registration setting that the machine allows for. We have double-checked that the fuser is not on the "catalog" setting and we have checked for any forms of wear on the ITB, drums, fuser, etc., all of which are fine.

Does anyone have a clue what this might be? More details and/or pictures can be uploaded upon request. Thank you, and I really appreciate if you are able to help me with my situation

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Thank you, As per request


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Did the transfer roller come in one of the kits and get replaced? I think it looks like a transfer issue. You could try and print something where the sheet is totally covered then open the side door and stop the printer after the trailing edge of the sheet just enters the printer. If you get lucky and stop it at the right time you will see the image on the image transfer belt. You can eliminate a lot of stuff depending on if the image is good or bad on the image transfer belt.

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