Direct print through hotfolder changing screen angles


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I am running an older version of navigator (8.1 r3) through a harlequin and am having issues with direct printing through hotfolders from indesign cs6. I set up my screen angles and when it plates the job, all the angles come out on 45 instead of standard angles. When I run the same job through impO2 software, everything comes out correct. I'm not too familiar with the rip settings on harlequins as I came from a Esko/Nexus platform before starting this job but this is frustrating me greatly as I could easily fix this issue in that rip but what I've tried on the navigator settings hasn't solved this issue. There also seems to be a resolution issue as welll as the impO2 files seem to be crisper than when it's direct printed through the hotfolders. The shop I'm at does mainly 1-2 color jobs (line mostly) but occasionally will run a 4 color with screening and impO2 is pretty frustrating to keep making different templates for each size when I could have already had it plated through the hotfolder in the time it takes to make the template in inpO2. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Are they PDF files ? If so, save as PDF 1.4. In the RIP check the Seperation Set up used in the page setup associated with the Hot Folder. Go to the Seperations Manager and check the Seperaion style that is used in the Page Set up. Make sure that "print other colors in job" is selected and choose a screen angle for it. Make sure "overide angles in job" is not checked - unless you want the RIP to overide the angles. Also check to see if the Sep color space is CMYK (for 4 color jobs) or "monochrome" (for black + spot color jobs).


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i am sorry for the long delay in the response as i thought i had already replied. just wanted to say thank you for the help. the rip was checked to override the job in the settings so that fixed my issue.

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