Do I finally need to switch to Acrobat DC for PitstopPro 2020?


I've been dragging my heels over moving to Acrobat DC for years now due to the unappealing UI in comparison to Acrobat Pro XI.

Now with the release of Pitstop Pro 2020 it looks as if I finally might have to make the switch. Anyone else in a similar boat or does anybody have any tips on how to make DC less 'DC' in appearance and more 'XI'?


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We held on as long as we could. Remember Adobe stopped supporting it in 2017.
It just became too difficult technically to sustain Acrobat XI any more.


Thanks for all the replies. Finally bit the bullet and installed DC and then Pitstop 2020 - and DC now crashes at launch so now need to do some investigating. Mondays - yay :p

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What about Profitability?
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