Do you know a paper vendor in Denver?


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We use Donahue and have been very happy with them, but supply issues are, well, an issue.

I've had experience with Lewis and Spicers and wasn't thrilled, but would work with them again. I don't have an acct with Lewis, so I can't see their pricing and Spicers is 50% more than my current vendor. Granted, price is irrelevant if you have nothing to sell.

I'm specifically looking for 80# Cover 12x18. I'm using Accent now cuz that's all I could get, but it's fine. Previously was Cougar. I just ordered Hammermill "Cardstock", I sure hope that's the same as "Cover", from Amazon. Great price, but their delivery is horrendous. Packaging comes so very damaged.

Umm, I'll stop venting ;)

Anyone have a paper distributor recommendation for Denver? Thanks!


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Most maybe all paper distributors will not take on new customers. They can't even get enough paper from the mills to to supply the customers they already have.

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What about Profitability?
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